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The summer season is HERE which has inspired us to create some “fun in the sun” beachy and non-beachy designs for you while you and your family frolic in the sand, hang out at your beach house or want to bring the beach home with you.  We’ve got beach-themed, holiday, zen and funny designs to fit every personality in the family on t-shirts, beach towels, pillows, flip-flops, passport holders, travel accessory bags, and so much more.

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Today, we’re featuring a few of our favorite Custom Beach Towels:



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Sun Facts:  Did you know…?

    1.  The sun cheers you up!  It boosts levels of serotonin in your body.  Serotonin is the body’s “happy” hormone.
    2.  We get Vitamin D from the sun which is healthy in many ways including the absorption of calcium, great for our bones and protects against chronic health issues later in life.
    3. It’s not so much the sun rather than the chemicals in most sunscreens that can cause cancer.  A little exposure (5-15) without sunscreen is all you need.  For prolonged sun exposure, the use of sunscreen will help with burning.  Make sure you read the ingredients of the bottle.  One of Martha’s and Alice’s favorite brands to use is Badger.
    4. Prevents Diabetes
    5. Helps prevent SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
    6. Helps prevent MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
    7. Relieves aches and pains
    8. Reduces Risk of Cancers
    9. Boosts Fertility
    10. Gives you more energy
    11. Easy IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disorders)
    12. Beats Menstruation Challenges
    13. Improves Skin Conditions
    14. Boosts your Immune System
    15. Helps you lose weight

(see article for more details about benefits of the sun here:

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*All Sparkle & Glitter products are customizable. If you need assistance or want a customized design, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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