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Congratulations on your engagement!  Now, times it’s to spread the news to all of your friends and family to make sure they’ll be at your Vivaha.  Regardless if you’re planning to follow Hindu tradition and having your wedding celebration last for three days or plan on giving it a modern twist in one fashion or another, we’ve got a twist to a traditional Indian wedding theme that we’re certain you’ll love.

Adorned with Ganesha (aka Vinayaka, Ganesh, Ganapati, or the several other names), we’ve made sure to include the symbol of the God of beginnings to bless you on this momentous occasion.  On top of having Ganesha, our theme is presented in red, for prosperity and fertility, as well a gold for divinity and power.

We’ve got several different Red and Gold Ganesha Save the Date photo cards to chose from which match our wedding invitations, RSVP car inserts or RSVP return cards, custom photo “thank you” greeting cards, as well as personalized cocktail napkins.


See our entire Modern Ganesha Hindu Wedding Collection below


*All Sparkle & Glitter designs are available on a wide variety of products but are only featured above on a select few.  If you need a design on a not-listed product or looking for a different color option, don’t hesitate to contact us.