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You read the title of this blog correctly!  We did mean a Whole “Llama” Fun with our Llama-themed Collection.  Who doesn’t love llama?  They’re cute and fluffy.  There’s no other way to celebrate a baby shower or decorate your baby’s nursery than with llamas.  We even have beach towels, personalized baby blankets, and paper plates for the party.  With our cute, fluffy llamas, we’re sure you’ll find just what you need, especially with our different color options, even gender neutral colors.  Need something in a new/different color?  Contact us to assist.



Check out our complete Cute Whole Llama Fun Collection below

*All Sparkle & Glitter designs are available on a wide variety of products but are only featured above on a select few.  If you need a design on a not-listed product or looking for a different color option, don’t hesitate to contact us.