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It’s 2018, making America 242 years-old.  Congratulations to us for having almost a two and a half centuries of independence and freedom!  Like every year, it’s time to celebrate the birth of our great country by having a festive barbeque poolside until the fireworks show begins.  Some of you may take your party to the beach or park, which is still an awesome way to celebrate.  No matter where you’re planning to party, we’ve got some 4th of July invitations, paper plates, beach towels, apparel, can coolers and more to make your shindig a blast.

If you’re going to the beach and want to wear or bring something that has red white and blue colors, check out:

Red White and Blue Striped Patriotic Beach Towel

– or –

Red White and Blue Fireworks Flip Flops


If you’re hosting a party and need some 4th of July decor, consider:

Red White & Blue Splatter American Flag Paper Placemats

Modern Red White & Blue Stars Invitations

– or –

If it’s baby’s first 4th of July, why not commemorate it with his or her own special bodysuit:

Red White & Blue Fireworks Baby’s First 4th of July bodysuit

*All Sparkle & Glitter designs offer two colors of blue to choose from: navy blue and a light blue.  All of our designs are available on a wide variety of products but are only featured below on a select few.  If you need a design on a not-listed product, don’t hesitate to contact us to assist.

Check out our entire Independence Day Collection below which features matching products for the designs featured above!


Have a Happy and safe 4th of July!