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There is so much beauty and grace with peacocks, it makes sense why they’ve been a part of fashion and decor for centuries as well as how weddings.  Their bold blues, greens, and purples give off elegance and royalty.  They’re a symbol of good luck, integrity, nobility, guidance, protection, refinement and much more.  They’re depicted in Hindu, Asian, Roman, Persian, and even Christian culture and lore.

Wanting brides to have a wedding design to match all of the qualities stated above, we’ve created our own Peacock Themed Wedding Collection which also includes the color gold for added class and elegance.  Our collection features several different design layouts for custom wedding invitations, hotel accommodation inserts, save the date photo cards, bridal shower invitations, guestbook, RSVP cards, “Will you be my maid of honor” request cards, reception or ceremony details cards, napkins, table placecards and much more.


Check out all of our Peacock Designs in our Collection Below


*All Sparkle & Glitter products are customizable. If you need assistance or want a customized design, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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